Collection: To-Go Drink Menu

**If purchasing 'To-Go' beverages along with other items in your order, ADD Beverages to cart first to get the time slot option.**

The items on this menu are for ONLINE ORDER “TO-GO” ONLY. 
WE REQUIRE ID (21 and older) for ALL ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES upon pickup or the sale will NOT be completed!

All alcohol beverages will contain a “tamper-evident” seal and MUST remain intact while on the premises!

All beverages, nonalcoholic or alcoholic MUST be picked up within YOUR TIME SLOT! We are NOT responsible for drinks unwanted due to tardiness.

ORDERS MUST BE PICKED UP BEFORE 5pm(Wednesday-Friday) and 1pm(Saturday).

**YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for alcoholic beverages once they leave the premises! Procuring is a serious offense and punishable by law. And as always, NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE!**